A Harsh Criticism
Changing People One At A Time.


The GTD Article, To Me, Showed How People Can Use Things Around Them…Software…Personal Techniques…Their Surroundings…And Let Those Things Help One From Relieving The Stress From Doing Work. Instead Of Headlines…See Your Work As Accomplishments. If It Doesn’t Challenge You Enough…Make It Challenge You. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself Doing So..To The Point Where You Don’t Want To Continue It Anymore. But Make Things Work For You…Kind Of Like Life Hacking…If It Doesn’t Work In It’s Original Form…Tweak It To Make It Work. This Doesn’t Seem Like It Has To Do With That Article…But My Opinion Stands As It Is.


The Article To Me Expressed That Learning Goes Far Beyond What People Give It Credit For. Learning Is Part Of An Everyday Life. Like That Saying Goes: “You Learn Something New Everyday.” Whether It May Be A Life Experience, Book Knowledge, Street Knowledge, Or Something In Your Genre Of Interest. Whatever May Be Common Sense For Someone; Could Be Foreign Knowledge To Someone Else. By Going Into A Community, Of Any Kind, New Knowledge Is There Awaiting To Be Uncovered. Some Of It May Interest You, Some Of It May Not. The People That Contain The Knowledge You Seek May Put You In A Position With Other People That Hold More Knowledge To Your Genre Of Interest. Whether The Information Is Organized Or Not, It’s There. So Reach As Many Communities As Possible With Your Interests, And Become A Part Of A Rapid Movement.


The article establishes that as time progresses..So does technology. The Internet revolutionized how companies made business; how people communicated; and how people accessed information. With Web 2.0…The Internet took a giant leap. Companies grew with this leap. The innovation became limitless in a sense of speaking.  Companies made revenue by delivering a service and not a product. Companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and some others competed in order to bring about a better quality of these services. Google has taken the upper hand and just gone with the flow. They’ve made innovations like Google Earth, Gmail, advances with YouTube, and many others. The article to me showed a blueprint of how to take advantage of the services the Internet has to offer and use them to the best of ones ability to create something that brings in revenue and catches people’s attention. As the human imagination evolves around these innovations..More advances can be made.


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